Neprofin AVF—A Breakthrough in Holistic Veterinary Medicine

From Arthur Andrew Medical comes the innovative Neprofin Advanced Veterinary Formula Jar of Neprofin AVF(Neprofin AVF), which works with a special blend of ingredients to accelerate muscle tissue healing.  It’s the effectiveness of this formula which makes it unique.

Many of its ingredients are used in dietary supplements for humans as well. One of the best known is Serrapeptase, which is used around the world for its ability to accelerate recovery from injury. The natural protein-digesting enzymes, Bromelain and Papain, are there to remove free radicals and decrease unnecessary blood proteins. Neprofin AVF is the ideal formula to administer to an animal that has become injured or is experiencing difficult mobility due to sore muscles.

The Features of Neprofin AVF

  • Non-toxic, natural formula
  • Doesn’t block ‘Cox’ enzymes
  • Digests the chemicals caused by inflammation
  • Suppresses inflammation naturally
  • Improves digestion

Neprofin AVF gives you a safer way to help animals recover from over-activity or injuries faster, acting in a totally different way than NSAIDs. This exclusive formula is proactive, suppressing inflammation by digesting the elements that are causing the discomfort. Neprofin AVF is easy to digest and facilitates the complete absorption of the nutrients in the feed.

Another advantage of using this formula is that it has been clinically proven to be 100% safe, even in large doses. You do not have to worry about side effect from adding Neprofin AVF to the daily feed.

What Users Like About Neprofin AVF

  • Suitable for horses, dogs and cats
  • Easy to administer: just add to the animal’s food
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No harmful side effects
  • Safe alternative to Cox Enzyme Inhibitors
  • Can be used with other supplements

Neprofin AVF works continuously with the animal’s digestive system to absorb vital nutrients, improve the circulation, and accelerate the absorption of amino acids. This supplement has been formulated specifically to be the holistic alternative to Cox inhibitors for treating equine injuries, which can damage the liver, kidneys, and have a destructive effect on the white blood cell count. Continual use of Cox inhibitors can lead to serious complications such as aplastic anemia.

Intensive clinical studies have proven that the ingredients in Neprofin AVF are completely safe, and easy to administer to relieve inflammation and stimulate rapid recovery. Over a three month period of time, adding this supplement to the animal’s feed will have a wide range of beneficial results, without side effects or inhibiting the effect of other supplements.

What Neprofin AVF Users Don’t Like

  • Results slow to appear

Every animal and situation is different. Neprofin AVF is suitable for all animals, but results will vary depending on the size and weight of each animal and the condition being treated.


For treating equine injuries without fear of health complications, using a natural formula instead of Cox enzyme inhibitors is the preferred choice. Neprofin AVF provides outstanding nutrients that have been clinically proven to be safe and highly effective.

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  1. Can this product be purchased in UK? Has any one used this product on their dog to help with arthritis. If so I would love to hear your comments / results…Thank you.

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